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Planning my first poll.

I have some questions for my friends list with regard to breaking my food listings out from the other posts. But before I post the poll, I have a general question about blogging options.

I've come up with some options for segmenting my blogging, and I'm wondering if I've forgotten any.

--leave things as they were before I stopped food blogging, with the posts mixed in with all my other posts
--tag the food posts, and potentially, all my posts
--lj-cut the food posts, with a short description as the cut tag
--start an opt-out food filter
--start an opt-in food filter
--start a separate LJ for food postings
--start a separate blog, on another blogging site, for food postings, potentially syndicated back to LJ
--continue my self-imposed suspension of food listings

Please help by commenting on options I may have forgotten.

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