November 19th, 2018

On Friendsgiving.

Thanksgiving was never our family's holiday. Our attempts to observe it always had a rather forced, imitative quality. There were no family traditions or recipes related to the holiday. The food was alien and not very tasty (unsurprisingly, when one has no idea how it is supposed to taste or how to prepare it).

Our family holiday, then and now, is Chinese New Year, for which I have a non-negotiable summons home. (I give thanks for not having to participate in the annual insanity that is the migration home within China for the New Year, which dwarfs the American travel crunch at Thanksgiving.)

So when columnists try to describe Friendsgiving as some millennial innovation, I just think they're out of touch and full of crap. My best Thanksgiving experiences have been with friends, on the days around Thanksgiving itself, and have been for decades. Many a year the Thursday of Thanksgiving has been just the opening night of a multi-evening production with different groups of friends on each night.

I'm looking forward to that being true again this year.

Friendsgiving. A venerable tradition. Long may it continue.