January 4th, 2016

Today I learned

Girls und Panzer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girls_und_Panzer) references Kelly's Heroes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly%27s_Heroes): "In the anime series Girls und Panzer, the film is referenced several times, including by main character Yukari Akiyama once calling herself "Sergeant Oddball"[16] and as reference material for urban tank-to-tank combat by the protagonist Rabbit Team.[17] The latter reference includes an animated version of the sequence in which Kelly and Oddball take out the second Tiger tank in the streets of Clermont.[18]"

This pleases me quite a lot.

(no subject)

I find it useful to impose a restriction on what social media I access on my phone. Basically, if I can access it from the Chromebook I use it there. When I can't, I switch to the phone. Mostly this is because I hate virtual keyboards. However, doing so has been helpful for me in dividing phone-like communication from journal-like ones. I recognize this is arbitrary and personal but it works for me.

Also, the phone camera is no match for my actual camera.

(no subject)

I have found something useful to do with SwiftKey's multilingual support. I am practicing writing Chinese.

I, like most people who use Chinese, can recognize more characters than I can generate on the fly.* So I'm using its predictive abilities to create intelligible sentences.

Apparently many of us do this. It is a huge help with a language that can severely tax memory.

This is more and better practice in written Chinese than I've gotten in years, possibly ever.

I haven't tried actually talking with anyone else yet. I think I need to work up to that.

*Possibly this is just an artifact about how our brains process written language.