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12th February 2015

12:02am: Yesterday I was driving around the northern suburbs on a series of fruitless errands. Most of the roads had snow berms along them. I realized where I'd had this particular driving experience before: it all reminded me of driving in hedgerow country, like in Cornwall or Devon.

Hedges are higher, and of course they're green and not white. But I had to take the same kind of care when reaching a junction, because they blocked my sight lines to crossing traffic in the same way. The snow berms also narrowed the roads somewhat, although they still weren't as narrow as roads commonly are in Britain and Ireland. And I didn't have to look out for sheep as I came around a bend!

It was a fun thing to be reminded of on an otherwise irritating evening.
1:45pm: I have mobile internet again!

Despite visiting three different Sprint stores over several days, none of which were able to help me with my problem, what finally worked was reprovisioning the device using software downloaded onto a borrowed Mac. This is pretty awesome to me as I was feeling like some people do when their tablet stops getting mobile net and fails over onto wifi-only, which is basically the situation I was in.

On to the next task!
11:03pm: I really get the most amazing ads on my Facebook feed. This is from http://glowindian.com/home-new-arrivals. I've never ordered from them and so I can't say what they're like as a vendor. But their photos are pretty!

11:05pm: I also get ads for fiber, but this is not surprising. This ad is from an Austrian vendor, http://wollelfe.at/. I haven't ordered from them either, but again their stuff is pretty.
11:23pm: The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang also did a top five snowfall list. It's pretty much the same as the Golden Snow Globe's list I referred to earlier, but they do more meterological background.
Like so many other places on this list, February has been the blockbuster month in upstate New York. In Syracuse, 27.9 inches of snow has fallen so far this month — a steady stream of storms that included 8.8 inches on Groundhog Day alone. In fact, Syracuse has seen snow every day since Jan. 29.


It’s difficult to convey the significance of how many records Boston has obliterated this season — 5-, 7-, 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-day snow records all within a couple of weeks, plus the snowiest February on record.


Erie and Buffalo — always neck-and-neck in the lake-effect snow belt! It’s usually a good forecast to say that if one is getting lake-effect snow, so is the other.


No single day this winter has given Buffalo more than nine inches of snow, but sometimes “slow and steady” is good enough. All but two days since Jan. 1 have featured at least a trace of snow for the city.


Of all the cities that have been hammered by Old Man Winter over the past few weeks, Boston has received the most media coverage (by far). But it turns out that their Woo-town neighbor to the west takes the prize for most snow so far this season.
It's interesting that Syracuse is still up at number 5 despite being a foot below average this year.
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