September 3rd, 2014

I binge-"like" pages on Facebook.

At one point I searched out and "liked" every local frozen dessert vendor I tried and enjoyed, from water ice to premium ice cream. (This had to have been when I was somewhere warm.)

Most recently, I binge-"liked" vintage clothing. Now I get posts like this one of Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014 in the Auckland Domain Wintergardens wearing Pinup Girl Clothing's Harley in my pages feed.

It's a pretty dress in a lovely photo shoot. I like the style, although bedfull_o_books and I agree that we would prefer it in a different color. Fortunately it does come in various other colors and patterns.

What's neat about having an item like this come across my page feed is that it's in a fairly large category of things I have no interest in acquiring but are fun to look at and nice to have on my feed. I have no temptation to spend $130 on it, which means I can just appreciate it without feeling conflicted about having a tight budget. (I also love the bit in the post which reminds me that for an entire hemisphere, spring is coming.)

In a way it's like the cute videos and photos I get on my feed from the animal shelters on my feed. I really like cats, but between digitalemur's, bedfull_o_books' mom's, and other friends cats, I'm good. I love seeing them on my feed, but I feel no need to own one.

The posts on my feed which really make me want to buy are the food posts. :)