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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


21st August 2014

1:56pm: "...the larger ecosystem of drama..."
5:03pm: "Two hundred years ago today..."
I've noticed these last couple of years that coverage of the War of 1812 has been almost nonexistent south of the US-Canada border. Ontario in particular and Canada in general have paid a lot more attention to the anniversary, which makes lots of sense given how important the war was for Canada.

Until today, I only noticed two commemorations in the States: one in Maryland, which is celebrating the bicentennial of the bombardment of Fort McHenry and the composition of the national anthem; and the other in Alexandria, which is celebrating the landing and withdrawal of British troops.

However, this afternoon NPR came through. They did a segment on the burning of Washington, complete with a reporter embedded with the British forces, and analysis by E. J. Dionne and David Brooks. Still nothing like what the CBC's done to commemorate the war, but cute.

ETA: For some reason the CBC content isn't available outside Canada, but using the Hola proxy might work.
9:07pm: "Study: Nobody Is Paying Attention on Your Conference Call"
Too true.

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