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June 2012 - r_ness
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by r_ness:

03:14 pm: (no subject) - 5 comments

03:51 pm: I wish to lay claim to this and have not found it by Googling. - 5 comments
11:04 pm: For my friends who are fans of John Finnemore. - 3 comments

10:20 pm: Posting this before I get distracted.

11:58 am: I'm on duolingo. - 4 comments

03:32 pm: I've been pretty lucky recently that I've been able to catch NPR's Science Friday. - 15 comments

01:07 pm: I didn't know this was Sousa. I mean, I'm not surprised. - 2 comments
11:45 pm: I may have just done something a bit unwise. - 4 comments