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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


5th May 2012

12:35am: Seems there's no escape from phone spam, no matter where you go.
10:42pm: For bloodstones.
Some time ago, Nasri Atallah posted:
Language is an odd thing. Being Lebanese, I often think in three separate languages, all three of which I’ve been immersed in since infancy. I think differently in each language and according to what I’m feeling. There are beautiful things I want to say to people sometimes, which I can only say in French. There are vituperative, cynical, acerbic things I want to say which trip off my tongue in English. Arabic surfaces predominately during altercations in traffic, and usually involves unspeakable acts being committed by people’s mothers.

Rest assured, I’m sticking to English for this blog.
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