June 5th, 2011

In response to a question from drbitch about my last post.

One example is the man who has figured out that the "sensitive New Age guy" is attractive to women. As a result he is endlessly willing to listen to your problems sympathetically. On the other hand, he sticks to the old male stereotype of being a "strong, silent type" because he is entirely unwilling or unable to share his own emotions with you.

cme did share notes from a panel discussion on men and femininity whose URL is unfortunately in a chat log on a machine several hundred miles away. That discussion did cover a lot of the difficulties men face in letting down their guard with regard to feelings. I want to be clear that I'm neither minimizing how much resistance men encounter in doing this nor asserting that men are acting out of dubious motives when they behave this way.

(drbitch, I know I covered this in private email in less detail but I thought it might be worth sharing this part of the conversation in my blog.)