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January 2011 - r_ness
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by r_ness:

01:20 am: I'm not actually a very good blogger. - 8 comments

08:42 pm: (no subject) - 10 comments
08:57 pm: Isn't mall-walking a pastime for middle-aged women or something? - 28 comments

06:24 pm: A trillion dollars, illustrated in Google Sketchup. - 3 comments
06:59 pm: Once again the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court hands down a ruling with wide implications. - 10 comments

02:21 am: Wonder Wash Coin Laundry has expanded! - 4 comments

12:31 am: (no subject) - 1 comment
12:45 am: Looks like my night to post finance humor while I wait for the snow to fall. - 6 comments

07:07 am: For years now, I've been giving this advice to new graduates who ask about the "real world". - 1 comment