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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


10th December 2010

1:06pm: I'd wanted to signal-boost this for a long time.
From http://satwcomic.com/nordics-like-fish:

Now, achinhibitor's request for nominations for really nasty or disgusting foods has reminded me of the very cute cartoon. So I share it with you all.


ETA: the comments to the cartoon include many cute icons in the same style.
1:31pm: digitalemur is inordinately amused...
...about having tormented her cat into yodeling this morning.

(Personally, I think she should sample the sound. Why waste a perfectly good cat yodel?)
7:26pm: Speaking of hákarl, I thought I would share this video.
Gordon Ramsay challenges James May to try some "interesting" food: Laotian snake whiskey, bull penis, and Hákarl: (dialogue amusing but occasionally quite profane)

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