November 24th, 2010

PSA, part 2: Airport hotels, landside.

An offshoot of my research for the previous post was that I found a lot of airport hotels, which for these purposes is defined by me as hotels which are walkable from the terminal, or attached by free airport people mover. If the distance to the hotel is on the order of the distance you'd have to go to get to a parked car or airport shuttle, it's close enough to be listed. Once you have to get a taxi or wait for an hotel shuttle bus you've added a level of inconvenience, so I didn't include those. I err on the side of proximity, because walking any distance dragging luggage is no fun.

These are all landside. For sleeping options airside, see previous post.

(As an example of what I consider walkable, at Boston Logan Airport I count the Hilton Boston Logan walkable from the terminals, while the Embassy Suites Boston-Logan and the Hyatt Harborside I don't. The Hilton Boston Logan is about 500 meters from Terminals B and C, and less than 400 from Terminals A and D.)

In some cases, like Heathrow, there's a hotel listed which is attached to one terminal but that terminal isn't particularly close to other terminals. Often there's some free method of inter-terminal transportation you should take if you're at some other terminal.

None of this should be construed as a recommendation for or against any of these hotels; in general, they're expensive and inconvenient to the city they serve. They are, however, convenient if you're stuck at the airport. These are the hotels you should probably try for first if your airline is responsible for your lodging.

The fifty busiest airports (2009), in order Collapse )
I put together this list for the convenience of people who may find themselves stuck at one of these airports during the holiday season, and may or may not be updated if I feel like it. All information correct when viewed 11 November 2010 and subject to change. If you know of a hotel I haven't listed at an airport I have, or if you find any errors, please let me know.

19 Feb 2011: More airports. Also added hotels at LAX, SYD, SEA, ORY, and BOM.

11 Apr 2011: Added info about the Langham Place Hotel near Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport.