November 12th, 2010

Tim Hortons is leaving southern New England.

The Oakville, Ontario-based company announced Thursday in a press release that it would shut down most New England operations, affecting locations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Maine remains the lone New England state where the company will continue operating several stores, the company reported.

Tim Hortons attributed the closures to losing a reported $4.4 million this year from the shuttered locations and officials from the Canadian-based company said in varius news reports they plan to focus business in other areas of the United States where stores have been more successful, such as New York, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other states in the southeast. adds:
Howell said Tim Hortons couldn't compete with Dunkin' Donuts. It was partly a taste issue - Tim Hortons' coffee is very strong, she said, more to the liking of Canadians than New Englanders - and partly a matter of not being able to change people's habits. In addition, she said, the company wouldn't alter any of its strategies to conform to local preferences.