June 14th, 2010

I am waiting...

...for someone wittier than me to come up with a good joke about a "retsina display", mashing together the Greek financial crisis and the iPhone 4. So far all the hits for "retsina display" appear to be typos, many of them German.

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There are really two types of objects sold under the name of croissants. The first kind are actual croissants: flaky, buttery, and light. The rest are bread products more or less in the shape of croissants. These disappoint because one expects an actual croissant.

It's fine if these other products are sold under some other name, like crescent roll. They're not croissants, however.

(cme got me on to this particular obsession, for which I thank her.)

Mini mangos!

One of the produce highlights of my visit to China was the mini mangos. They were easy to find in most grocery stores. They were yellow, between two and three inches long, and very sweet.

They were delicious, and I bought them at nearly every opportunity. I feel like they have a similar relation to larger American mangos that baby bananas have to the regular kind you encounter in supermarkets: sweeter and more flavorful, though smaller. But I cannot find them here in the States, which is not surprising but sad.

Has anyone else seen these? And if you know where to find them, please let me know.