April 14th, 2010

I'm kind of impressed by Spirit Airlines' new carry-on baggage fee.

And it looks like Congress is too: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-04-13/spirit-s-carry-on-bag-fees-draws-senate-bill-to-ban-practice.html
Carrying a bag onto a Spirit flight will cost passengers $45 at the gate, or $30 if paid in advance, starting in August
Even AirAsia and Ryanair haven't thought of that one...but I'm guessing they'll try now.

Edit: When I say I'm impressed, I mean that in the "Even Michael O'Leary--the guy who joked* about making the bathrooms on his Ryanair flights cost a euro to use--didn't try charging 35 euro for carry-on bags" sort of way. The fact that Congress seems to be impressed in quite a different way just gave me a convenient hook to hang the post on.

*At least, he claimed he was joking. Something about never being able to get away with that because EU regulations require a bathroom anywhere you serve food, and not wanting to give up the revenue from food in order to get revenue from bathrooms.