January 9th, 2010

My auto club map collection...

...fits snugly in seven 27 quart Sterilite latch boxes.

I'll probably get some more of these boxes as they're waterproof and reasonably-sized for paper. I still have a lot of maps acquired from other sources, so I'm sure I'll fill them. While polypropylene isn't as good as mylar d for archival storage, it's easier to find big storage tubs made of polypropylene. At $3.40 a box directly from the store (cheaper than the price at the link above), they're pretty cheap.

I rather feel like I started collecting paper maps from the auto clubs at the end of an era. The California State Automobile Association closed its 12-person cartographic unit back in 2008, citing a drop in demand for paper maps. GPS/satnav units have their place, but it'll be a long time before we'll have one with the display size and detail of a paper map.

I haven't seen anyone post a reasonably comprehensive list of maps keyed to AAA/ACSC/CSAA map ID number so I think I may put that up in Google Docs or something when I finally have them all entered in.

The followup post I told tavella I'd write.

lilas pointed me at this article from the Weather Underground, which includes this colorful surface temperature departure from average map from the NOAA:
It just happens that the cold bits are in North America, Northwest Europe, and Northeast Asia, where lots of people--particularly ones well connected to media--live.

So you get stories like this one about the train that got bogged down in seven feet of snow near Jining in Inner Mongolia:

This being China, they got a couple thousand people with shovels to dig out the train.

18 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and seven feet of snow. That's some serious winter weather.