November 3rd, 2009

If you live in Philadelphia, you already know this, but...

...SEPTA went out on strike at 3AM this morning.

What SEPTA Service Will Not Run?

Market-Frankford Line

Broad Street Line/Broad Ridge Spur Line

ALL City bus routes, trolley, and trackless-trolley routes

Frontier bus routes

No service on bus routes 90 through 99, 124, 127-132, 134, 139, 150, 201, 206 and 304.

What SEPTA Service Will Run?

Regional Rail:

Train service will be the best choice for travel in and around Philadelphia

Suburban Transit:

Bus, trolley, and route 100 lines will not be affected.However route service will change for those buses that normally travel into the City (See the Suburban Transit section)

LUCY (Loop through University City):

Green and Gold Loop service will operate from 30th Street Station to selected University City destinations.

CCT Connect: Regular service will operate for, registered ADA and shared- ride customers. There may be some delays due to increased demand and local street traffic.
Good luck, people.