September 24th, 2009

Never After, a fairy tale musical: Somerville Theater, Davis Sq., Somerville, MA this weekend.

Theatre@First and Somerville’s Colleen Campbell proudly present an exciting new musical comedy
Premiering at the historic Somerville Theater in Davis Square
Shows: September 26, 8pm and September 27, 3pm. Buy tickets now!

The Somerville Theatre main stage will showcase this production with ten original musical numbers, a very contemporary plot, and a cast and orchestra of over fifty. The show and its heroine are bold, smart, and sassy.

Never After is a different kind of fairytale: the story of Princess Lesley Anne, fated from birth to be a lesbian. She escapes her castle to find adventure, true love, some very merry men, and her own identity - and starts a revolution along the way!
Click here for more of the story, with musical clips, teaser trailers, and much more!

Ticket Rates $15/ $12 for students & seniors
A remarkable number of people I know are involved in this production, including the author, the director, various tech people, and a lot of the cast.

(I'll be at the Sunday afternoon performance, with a whole bunch of people on my flist.)