April 15th, 2009

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My taxes are submitted, and the returns are going to their various tax offices in various parts of the country. Fort Point Station was orderly but busy, with a predicted wait time of 21 minutes, and an actual wait time of a couple more minutes than that. A postal cop was on duty in the small, crowded parking lot to keep order.

Two of my envelopes were too heavy to go out as a one-ounce letter, so I was glad I went to the post office to make sure I had enough postage on them.

I wished the postal clerk luck with tomorrow night as I left. She made a face and a strangled noise in reply.
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I have gotten two calls from Costa Rica in the last week. They show up as:



As far as I know, no one I know has those numbers. They leave no messages.

A search on the internet for phone spammers reveals nothing. It does confirm that Costa Rica went to eight digit numbers last year, so these appear to be valid numbers.

I don't really want to call them back.

Any ideas?

Edit: I love the intartubes. I just got more phone spam (this time from within the States) and while the phone was ringing I looked up the number to verify that it had been reported as a spamming number.
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