February 14th, 2009

TARP candy hearts.

LOLFed ran a contest recently:

Love, like fail, is in the air.

Caroline B has inspired me to run a little contest. Send us your funniest message of fail (to my email, listed on this page) in candy-heart form. The only rules are - it must be in the form of a candy heart or hearts, and plz no more than 450 pixels wide by 200 high. Jason and I will pick our favorite five or ten, and then we will put it up to a vote. Please include a real name/screen name/your blog URL/whatever other info you deem essential. Deadline for submissions: February 10, 2009.

Feel free to Photoshop or try this or this candy-heart generator.
Though LOLFed doesn't appear to have announced a winner, the Financial Times ran with it and generated some candy hearts of their own:

Edit: LOLFed posted some entries today: