December 1st, 2008

RIP, Doris "Tanta" Dungey, 47, of Calculated Risk.

Tanta was the best writer on Calculated Risk. She really knew her stuff--the mortgage business--and she explained it with clarity and wit. Her CR site, "The Compleat UberNerd", in 13 parts, covers the mortgage business as she knew it in exhaustive detail.

From her "Frequently Imagined Questions:
What’s an UberNerd?

For those of you new to what passes for insider humor around this blog, an “UberNerd” is someone who is compelled to understand how things work in grim detail, even if the things in question are tedious in the extreme, like mortgage insurance policies. Not everyone who visits the blog is an UberNerd, or aspires to UberNerdity, but on the other hand those who display UberNerditude in the comment threads are treated with a respect bordering on lunacy. That’s just the way we are.
Calculated Risk's announcement is at

Her New York Times obituary is at

She'll be missed.
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Historic Center of Venice Flooded


Residents and tourists waded through knee-deep water Monday as they navigated the city's narrow streets and alleys, and its historic St. Mark's Square was inundated. Boxes of tourist merchandise floated inside the flooded shops around the square and even the city's famed pigeons sought refuge on rooftops and windowsills.

City officials said the tide peaked at 61 inches (156 centimeters), well past the 40-inch (110-centimeter) flood mark, as strong winds pushed the sea into the city.

Workers were unable to install the traditional raised wooden walkways used during flooding because the water rose so high the platforms would have floated away too.

''There are very few streets that are water-free,'' admitted city spokesman Enzo Bon.

In an ironic twist, the flooding also idled the city's water buses because their boarding platforms were underwater.

It was the fourth highest tide since 1872, when the city started keeping records. The last time Venice saw such high waters was in 1986, while the all-time record was 76 inches (194 centimeters) in 1966.


Goodreads or Librarything?

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Full disclosure: I'm already on Goodreads and recently had LibraryThing recommended to me.

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