November 12th, 2008

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Okay, what was "Heidi's Hippie Hideaway", at 174 Millbury Street in Worcester, MA? You can see the remains of a painted sign from I-290. The "hideaway" hasn't been there in years, apparently. Anyone know?
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First Truffles, Now Lobster Prices Collapse

First we saw the price of white truffles collapse by some 90%, and now we learn that lobster prices are falling too. News 5 Boston checked in on the local industry and found that prices have fallen from $4.50-$5.00 pound last year, to a low of $2.80 per pound. Diners are ordering lobster less, the processing facilities are thus buying less from the lobstermen, and voila, price collapse. Said the head of the Mass. Lobstermen's Association: "This is the time to buy them. A 1 pound lobster off the back of a vessel is cheaper than an ice cream cone."
Mmmm...lobster. :)