October 14th, 2008

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This weekend was a great demonstration of how talking things out with friends can lead to greater understanding, both of yourself and everything around you.

Thanks! (You know who you are.) That was fun.
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I just Facebooked the Financial Times, in response to a post about a credit market Q&A they're having tomorrow morning.

This makes me feel very weird, in a way I'm having trouble describing.

Speaking of conspiracy theories...

"Andy McCarthy and others are peddling the theory that Bill Ayers is the ghostwriter of Obama’s Dreams of My Father. Matthew Yglesias is thinking small when he writes, “the speculations gets really interesting when we consider the possibility that Ayers was the assassin Hillary Clinton hired to kill Vince Foster.”

"When the other shoe drops, it will be clear that Obama and Ayers are part of an advanced team of elitist extraterrestrials here to harvest hard working Red State Americans as food. Look out for their next book: To Serve Man."


Edit: But wait, there's more!

"Apropos of John’s post downblog and mine immediately below, I would like to take the opportunity to point out that not only has the Palin family’s inexplicable, obstinate refusal to publicly release the records of Trig Palin’s birth fed rumors that Governor Palin is not the child’s biological mother and constituted an affront to journalists asking similarly legitimate questions about Mrs. Palin’s basic fitness for the vice-presidency — an affront, indeed, to liberty — but also failed to quash the rumor I am hereby starting that Trig Palin’s real father is William Ayers."


Re-edit: I got an anonymous comment which took me to task for not reading my links. In fact, said commenter is aiming his fire in the wrong direction, as I'm quoting two posts I think are funny. They're not my links. The links belong to the actual posts I quote, and the commenter should take his argument up with those authors.

I recognize that my post may have been confusing, as I failed to put quotation marks around the quotes I took. I've now added them.

In general, I don't bother replying to anonymous posts, because they're generally spam. Most of the time, I don't even unhide them, because I feel people who want to comment in my journal ought to identify themselves. When I do, I usually refer to them by IP address.

But this one was helpful in showing me that I could clarify my relationship to the post.