July 21st, 2008

Foreclosure Prevention Workshop, Gillette Stadium, 1PM, Tuesday, August 12th.

I thought I'd post this, because I know at least one friend would be interested.

From http://www.bos.frb.org/news/press/2008/pr071708.htm:

Borrowers can talk face-to-face with their lender and housing counselors to work out a plan for their mortgage
Gillette Stadium – Fidelity Investments Clubhouse, East
One Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA
Parking lot entrance P1
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 – 1 PM to 8 PM
Free to attend; free parking; free public transportation available

The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will host a foreclosure prevention workshop at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday, August 12, from 1 PM to 8 PM. The event is an opportunity for homeowners who are in financial distress, or concerned about foreclosure, to sit down with their lender face-to-face, and avoid foreclosure if possible.

Borrowers should bring documentation on their income, expenses, debts, and mortgage to the workshop, so they are fully prepared to talk with their lender. The documentation may also be useful in talking with a housing or credit counselor.

For more information, borrowers are invited to call a special number set up by the Federal Reserve Bank, 1-800-882-1600. Borrowers who call this number can leave their name, questions about the event, and a callback number. Calls should be returned within 24 hours. Information is also available on this web site: www.theinformedhomebuyer.org

This event is free and open to all borrowers in difficulty. Some borrowers are being alerted to the event by their lender or loan-servicer, but no invitation is required to attend.

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Two beaches yesterday: Revere Beach for the sand sculptures and Hampton Beach for people-watching and strolling. As we walked along, I had an urge to go to Blackpool and compare.

The Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

I think bedfull_o_books'd like that, as she loves rollercoasters, which Revere hasn't had for decades.

Cyclone, Revere Beach

bedfull_o_books took pictures but I think she still has the camera. The irony of taking her to the beach the day after she got back from Miami wasn't lost on either of us, but she says she only spent a short time at South Beach anyway.

Water's a lot colder than in Florida, though.
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Oh, speaking of roller coasters...

bedfull_o_books wants to go to Kennywood. "The property features three old wooden coasters still in working order, along with a newer steel coaster, the Phantom's Revenge (2001), and one indoor coaster, the Exterminator (added in 1999)."

I'm game, but as I'm not much for riding coasters myself--I only facilitate her obsession--I figured I'd see if anyone else was up for a trip out there on one of the remaining summer weekends.

(Ages ago, ketzl proposed a trip to Cedar Point, which we're still keeping in mind, but that's a little more of a road trip than Kennywood. Even if it does have seventeen roller coasters.)