June 12th, 2008

Now with added titanium!

Dentist: "Congratulations, you now have an implant."

Dentist: "I need to warn you about what's coming next. It's going to feel like I'm thumping your skull with a hammer."
Me: "Well, because you are."
Dentist "Um, pretty much, yeah."

It's a wacky experience having a mallet (which looks something like a ball-peen hammer with nylon faces) and a ratchet wrench used on your skull in fairly rapid succession. Not surprisingly, I'm a little woozy.
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You have writing you want critiqued?

My friend Nick Mamatas is offering to critique manuscripts for $2 per page. He's senior editor at Clarksworld and also writes fiction and non-fiction which has been published in six languages. Recently I posted a link to a short essay of his, called Walking on L. I.

His post about his critique service, with the relevant details is at: http://nihilistic-kid.livejournal.com/1125934.html.

The links should give you some idea of his style of writing. He's a great guy and I love reading his reviews. So check them out.