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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


11th June 2008

5:07pm: A disproportionate number of calories I've eaten this week...
...have come from tuna salad from Whole Foods and fresh papaya.

I don't know that there's a problem with this, or even if it's noteworthy. But my body seems happy with this, so I guess I'll keep eating it.
Current Mood: random
5:13pm: Tomorrow I go in to Tufts Dental School to have a dental implant installed.
For over a year now, I've been running around with a removable false upper incisor. Tomorrow is the first step in the process of having a permanent restoration installed. Should be interesting.

At some point I'll blog about the pros and cons of going to Tufts Dental School over going to a regular dentist. For now I'll just say it's been an education for me, as well as for the students who have been working with me.

(krlisue and I have been bonding over this; she's ahead of me in the process and it's been helpful being able to talk with her about her experiences. Thanks!)
7:02pm: Five reasons to acquire that non-U. S. passport.
From http://www.foreignpolicy.com/story/cms.php?story_id=4328:

Top Tourist Spots Americans Can’t Visit
"Looking for someplace special to spend the Fourth of July? FP investigates five fabulous destinations where a summer getaway is next to impossible."

That's a little misleading. Some of these destinations are actually possible for Americans to visit, if you really want to, and at least one is simply unwise: "Because a good day in Somalia is the worst day of your life almost anywhere else."

From http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/somalia/:
"A traveller to Somalia is spoilt for choice in the number of things that can go wrong."

But as the Foreign Policy article puts it: "Still, the water is lovely."
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