March 7th, 2008

Open-source web content management systems.

I figure there are at least a few people on my flist who know something about web content management, so I figured I'd ask around.

Our company has a not-very-extensive or complex website which is generated by a horrible, locally-developed Java hack. It is so awful that every time you make a change you have to wade into some Java code, edit the offending item, and then build the damn site from scratch.

This is inane.

Fortunately, everyone from the CEO on down thinks this is dumb, and I'm now looking for a solution. Also fortunately, this makes the bar very low regarding replacement solutions. Just about *anything* would be better. I'd even suggested just trashing everything and hand-coding a new site, but that's a little too old-school, because we do have some slightly more modern requirements.

Basically, here are some of those requirements:

Layout templates, so we can create a general layout once, and stuff content in as we need to.

(That implies, of course, that content and layout are separate; this is obvious but also a requirement.)

Some kind of integral change management system so multiple people can work on the site at the same time and not collide.


Running under Linux.

I don't get the impression that any of this is difficult to arrange. Really, the problem will be narrowing down the field to some reasonable number of alternatives.

So, thanks in advance to any and all of you who have suggestions. If you know other people who have experience in the field who don't know me, please feel free to point them at my query.