February 12th, 2008

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We were driving along the Staten Island Expressway Saturday when the passing light pylons reminded me of a memory from childhood. My parents and I would drive from our place in New Jersey to my uncle's place on Long Island. As we drove along, I would look intently at everything. I remember thinking, "The light poles are smiling at me." They do look that way.

Just a memory. One of about a billion or more. But I thought I'd share.

Image from http://www.interstate-guide.com/i-295_ny.html, actually showing the Clearview, I think, but the design was pretty standard around New York State.

Happy Darwin Day!

Thanks to kjc, who says:
Well today, 12 February 2008, is DARWIN DAY! Today we celebrate the 199th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on 12 February 1809.

Wikipedia sez, "The day is also an opportunity to highlight Darwin's contribution to science and to promote science in general."

Hints on celebrating DARWIN DAY: http://www.darwinday.org/
As I'm a paper money geek, I thought I'd add this Bank of England page on the £10 note, which features "a portrait of Charles Darwin on the back":

The Bank of England also include details about his life.

I'd love to celebrate the day by giving away copies of the above portrait, along with the rest of the banknote, which also features a portrait of the Queen (two portraits for a single low price!) but I'm afraid that's beyond my means.

Someone else should, though. :)

Oh, and Lincoln, too.

belfrynotes reminded me that both Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born 199 years ago today.

I suggest grand events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of their births next year featuring giveaways of both $5 bills and £10 notes. :)
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