November 18th, 2007

"Singapore Airlines unveiled those pretty double-bed cabins on its A380s..."

Salon's Ask the pilot column linked to this photo showing the new double-bed cabins on the A380s that Singapore Airlines has just put into service:

(click on photo to enlarge)

s. sen commented:

"Singapore Airlines unveiled those pretty double-bed cabins on its A380s, only to announce (with a typically Singaporean, have-fun-and-we'll-cane-you-and-not-in-a-nice-way perspective on life) that passengers are not allowed to fool around. What a gift for Richard Branson! This all but ensures that Virgin Atlantic will place a condom on the pillow on board its aircraft to seize the competitive advantage."


Edit: I just checked the full fare prices. You can fly from Singapore to Sydney, round-trip, for $6,495.70 each, or $12,991.40 for the entire cabin. One way from Singapore to Sydney is only $3,553.30 each, or $7,106.60 the pair. One way in the opposite direction is $3,965.40 ($7,930.80). All prices as of today, in USD, for travel originating Monday, December 10th.</b>