November 15th, 2007

This isn't looking good.

Tropical Cyclone Sidr, with winds equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane, will be making landfall in the next day or so. The storm track has it headed for the coast near the India-Bangladesh border, between Kolkata (Calcutta) and Dhaka (Dacca).

The Weather Channel Blog has images, as does Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog, which includes the following: "The triangular shape of the Bay of Bengal acts to funnel storm surge waters into Bangladesh, and the very shallow bottom of the bay allows the surge to pile up to very high heights. A list of the 13 deadliest cyclones in world history (Figure 2) shows that nine of these have occurred in the Bay of Bengal. The big killer in all of these cyclones was the storm surge."
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I often get wacky trip ideas.

Sometimes I even implement them.

This is one I'm unlikely to implement, because I have more sanity than money, but here it is:

The largest 52 metropolitan areas in the world, one a week for a year!

The reasoning goes like this. I like cities, and I like travel. I've been to a lot of these places, and I'd like to visit most of the ones I haven't been to yet. (Clearly, there are exceptions: for example, I won't be going to Baghdad as a tourist until the security situation improves.)

Wikipedia and both have lists of metro areas, which of course conflict. In fact, Wikipedia has two: a list of urban areas by population and one of urban agglomerations. (I prefer the former, because Boston/Providence is on that list at #37, while on the latter Boston is way down at #56. On it just misses the top 50.)

Needless to say, this trip would be very expensive and quite a test of stamina. Even if I didn't visit them in order of population, but chose some (relatively) sane geographic order instead.

But boy, imagine the food blogging!
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