August 26th, 2007

Wow, so many events!

bedfull_o_books and I got back from the very last bit of the wedding this afternoon. (She's still asleep in the next room as I type this.) We've been attending wedding-related events since Thursday with hardly a break, and we weren't even in the wedding party. I can only imagine how they're feeling! This was one of the most event-filled weddings I've attended, and the sheer stamina on display was breathtaking. And it all came off smoothly with only the smallest of hiccups.

This wedding involved the ingathering of a tribe whose members have scattered to the four winds, so it felt like a reunion. Last night at the reception, a glance down from the balcony onto the dance floor was enough to make that clear.

(I may have some photos later, if the zillion people on my flist at the party post them and give permission.)

bloodstones and hawver, congratulations, and wow! Thanks for everything! Best of luck in your lives together!