August 24th, 2007

Sunbathing (Somerville, MA)?

This weekend is going to be summer again around Boston, so I figured I'd ask my flist now.

Is there anyone reading this who knows of or has a local venue appropriate to nude sunbathing? Someone's back porch or yard would do, really, as long as it wouldn't shock the neighbors or result in an arrest for indecent exposure.
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So, I went to this bachelorette party last night:

(The photos at that link are quite work-safe, partly because they don't show the male strippers or the lap dances. The gay/bi men in our number were relatively restrained, the women less so, despite the commentary.)

It was fun, although the piano club afterward was a little too loud.

Edit: I was wrong. One of the strippers is in the frame. Still work-safe, though.