July 2nd, 2007

I often daydream places.

They're just brief glimpses of exact locations: the Niterói ferry dock, Maclears Beacon, Offenburg town square, Raffles Place, the Shrine of St. Anne, Marrickville station. (They're actually more exact than that, because they're memories of where I was standing, but explaining more precisely gets tedious.)

They're somewhat pleasant, or at least neutral. It takes work for me to remember difficult or annoying memories, and this is about the opposite of effort: they pop into my head, one replaced by another, unbidden and without apparent connection or emotional charge, like my mind is flipping through someone else's snapshots. The ones I just mentioned took up less time than it took to type this sentence. Often they're mundane and prosaic places no one would go to visit, but sometimes they're not.

I can tell I'm bored when they start to appear. They usually pop up when I'm doing something dull, like data entry at the computer.

I guess it's my mind taking quick vacations while I'm doing something else.