June 13th, 2007

Well, we abjectly failed to get to the City last weekend.

So, no Cones, or Mary's Dairy, or even Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

(Last week, the New York Sun ran an article with a useful list:
  • Otto: 1 Fifth Ave at 8th Street

  • Il Laboratorio del Gelato: 95 Orchard St., between Broome and Delancey streets

  • Grom: 2165 Broadway at 76th Street

  • Shake Shack: southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Avenue and 23rd Street

  • Cones: 272 Bleecker St. at Morton Street
They add some honorable mentions:
  • Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: 65 Bayard St., between Mott and Elizabeth streets

  • Eddie's Sweet Shop: 105-29 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills, Queens

  • Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory: 1 Old Fulton St., DUMBO, Brooklyn)

But we did get to Christina's in Inman Sq.. And later to Hull and Nantasket Beach.

(While we missed Paragon Park by only 22 years, the coaster enthusiasts I was with will be glad to know that The Giant Coaster that was there until 1985 was bought and moved down to what is now Six Flags in Upper Marlboro, MD. They restored it to its original condition and renamed it The Wild One. I imagine there's a field trip in our future.)

I have an absurdly long list of places I want to visit in all five boroughs. Did you know there's a cluster of Sri Lankan restaurants on Staten Island?

Quick Boston Poutine report.

While the poutine at the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square doesn't really deserve the name--the fries are shoestring and rather indifferent, and the cheese and gravy are equally wrong--the cheddar cheese fries at Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner are a remarkably good approximation. The fries are coated, and thus a little too crunchy, but otherwise not bad, and the gravy is excellent, though applied a bit too sparingly. It could use a little more cheese, too. But overall, it's not a bad stealth poutine, for Boston.