June 6th, 2007

Cavalier to Roundhead.

(Only in the sartorial sense, not the political or even sectarian ones.)

I'm chopping my hair. For the summer, I'm thinking of a buzz cut, or even just shaving my head. After that, I guess we'll see.

I'd like someone to take before and after photos. I'd also be interested if anyone would like to do the cutting. I'd like to ask whoever that is to preserve what ponytail I have intact so I can give it to someone who wants to keep it.

Please comment if you'd like to participate. For that matter, feel free even if you don't want to.

The Eastern Massachusetts Ice Cream Tour, 2007!

It's that time of year again!

A while ago, at a crafts night, candle_light asked me if I were going to be restarting the Ice Cream tour I'd proposed the last couple of years. (See http://r-ness.livejournal.com/197171.html and http://r-ness.livejournal.com/144331.html.)

I'm glad she reminded me. It's time for ice cream. (Isn't it always?)

I'm organizing nothing, but I am definitely interested in visiting or revisiting these places:
  • Bedford Farms, 18 North Rd. Bedford and 68 Thoreau St. Concord

  • Ben & Jerry's, 174 Newbury St. and 20 Park Plaza, Boston; 36 JFK St., Cambridge

  • Benson's, 181 Washington St., Boxford

  • Brigham's, 109 High St., Boston; 268 Washington St., Wellesley; 1328 Massachusetts Av., Arlington Heights; and other locations

  • Bubbling Brook, 1652 High St. (Rt. 109), Westwood

  • Cabot's, 743 Washington St., Newtonville

  • Christina's,1255 Cambridge St., Cambridge

  • Crescent Ridge, 407 Bay Rd., Sharon

  • Emack & Bolio's, 290 Newbury St., Boston; 736 Centre St., Jamaica Plain; 2 Belgrade Ave., Roslindale; and 1663 Beacon St., Brookline

  • Erikson's, 12 Great Rd. (Rt. 117), Maynard

  • Farfar's, 272 St. George St., Duxbury

  • Herrell's, 15 Dunster St., Cambridge and 155 Brighton Av., Allston

  • J.P. Licks, 659 Centre St., Jamaica Plain; 311 Harvard St., Brookline; 352 Newbury St., Boston; 46 Langley Rd., Newton Centre; 661 VFW Pkwy., Chestnut Hill; 4A College Av., Somerville; and 451 Massachusetts Av., Arlington

  • Kimball Farm, 400 Littleton Rd., Westford and 343 Bedford Rd. (Rt. 225), Carlisle

  • Lizzy's, 367 Moody St., Waltham

  • Mad Maggie's, 327 Main St., North Reading

  • Peaceful Meadows Farm, 60 Bedford St., Whitman; Rt. 28, Middleboro; and other locations

  • Rancatore's, 283 Belmont St., Belmont and 1752 Massachusetts Av., Lexington

  • Richardson's, 156 S. Main St. (Rt. 114), Middleton

  • Ron's Gourmet, 1231 Hyde Park Av., Hyde Park

  • Shaw Farm, 195 New Boston Rd., Dracut

  • Soc's, 67 Lynn Fells Pkwy., Saugus

  • Sunshine Farm, 41 Kendall Av., Sherborn

  • Toscanini's, 899 Main St. and 1310 Massachusetts Av., Cambridge

  • White Farms, 126 High St. (Rt. 133), Ipswich

The list is two years old, so updates or additions are always welcome. Also, I'd like to start with places out in the sticks, particularly ones I haven't been to, because going to new places is fun.

Who else wants to go eat ice cream? Comment and maybe we can simply meet up. Or something vaguely disorganized will spontaneously form.

Yes, I'm posting a lot today. This what happens when LJ doesn't let me post for a while. There's a backlog.

I got a remarkable number of "What's a lobster roll?" answers.

As a public service, I offer the following links:
Oh, and then there's Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobster_roll

(I just had one here in Connecticut, so I figured I'd post a poll. The dividing line seems to be Connecticut and south for butter, Massachusetts and north for mayonnaise. I'm not sure what the preference is in the Maritimes. There's a lot of overlap, and some places offer both. Heck, D'Angelo's franchises, even on the Mass Pike, serve both, although I haven't dared try one yet.)