February 8th, 2007

Residential Parking Permits: San Francisco, Cambridge, Berkeley, Somerville, Boston

Has anyone else noticed the inordinate number of cars around Camberville with San Francisco and Berkeley residential parking permit stickers on their bumpers?

Given the flow of people between the bits of the Bay Area and Eastern Mass with residents-only parking, this isn't a big surprise, but the stickers still make me smile when I see them.

Question for you Bay Area people: have you folks noticed many cars with Somerville/Cambridge/Boston residential parking permit stickers in their windows? I haven't really been looking out for them when I've been driving around the City or the East Bay. Or is the flow of cars one-way, because of CARB smog requirements? Or something else?
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Evidently, they have our snow.

England in grip of severe weather

Edit: From http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/ukweather/warnings.shtml: "Thursday 8 February WEATHER WARNING East Anglia, Lincs, the Midlands, central and north Wales will continue to experience heavy snow. 5cm of lying snow is widely expected, and possibly as much as 15cm. Travelling conditions will continue to be dangerous. Valid until 1500GMT"

Yes, I am somewhat bemused that 5cm (2 in.) of snow is a big deal, but it is England. I've seen what an inch of snow does to London.
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