January 9th, 2007

I miss Montreal.

Just finished an IM conversation with a friend who's visiting Montreal. I was brain-dumping food recommendations at her as fast as I could before her laptop battery died.*

So now, of course, I'd like to go back myself. Even if waiting until spring is perhaps a wiser move.

I think remembering that the bagel places are open 24 hours was what tipped the scales.

*Thanks, as ever, to sea_bound, who provided some of those restaurant recommendations to me.

Compare and contrast.

Thought for the late night, partly inspired by a face-to-face comment by rmd about gay regency romances mostly being written by and read by women, and partly from a post by digitalemur called Fun with YAOI, or things I come across at work:

Is there any similarity in this kind of man-to-man fiction mostly created and read by women to the girl-on-girl photosets mostly being photographed by and viewed by men?

Note: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaoi has a useful overview of the yaoi phenomenon.
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