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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


5th January 2007

3:40am: I never thought I was that exceptional.
4:03am: "Your snowflake...it should not be made of shit."
4:41pm: Overheard while passing the BU Art Gallery's current exhibitions on the Gulag.
Some kid who looked like a BU student: "The Russians had labor camps? Who did they put in them?"

To be fair, his companion did reply, "Dude! They totally had labor camps!"

(Exhibition information here: http://www.bu.edu/art/webPages/currExhibit.html)
7:32pm: Yet more MBTA follies.
From derspatchel:
Authority to roll out new system by mid-summer
January 5, 2007

BOSTON (ATC) - Charlie may still be stuck on the MTA, but his card will soon disappear from your wallet. The MBTA's automated fare collection system has "not performed as well as expected and will be replaced," MBTA Chairman Dan Graubaskas said at a press conference today. The new plan, expected to be implemented system-wide by the summer of 2007, will do away with the RFID-embedded "smart cards" and instead introduce a fare collection system dubbed "CharlieDisc" by the transit authority.

"With the new CharlieDisc, T customers will enjoy a new world of fare freedom that they never thought existed," Graubaskas said. "Instead of keeping track of a cumbersome card prone to frequent breakdowns, they will ride the T using a brand-new form of payment."
http://derspatchel.livejournal.com/465936.html has the full story.
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