December 5th, 2005

At this very moment, someone is shooting a film in New Haven Union Station.

There's a fairly elaborate, professional-looking setup taking up much of the ticketing hall. Cast, crew, and spectators look South Asian; whether this means it's a Bollywood production or if it's something else entirely I don't know. I couldn't stay long enough to find out, as I'm leaving New Haven for Boston very soon to stay ahead of the snowstorm.

Anyway, if any of my car-enabled friends in New Haven want to go check it out and want to post what they learn about it, I'd be interested in reading it.

Macaroni and cheese.

Tangentially related to that, I'll be driving from New Haven to Boston. I also have a craving for mac and cheese. Any suggestions for a stop or a place in Boston with good mac and cheese are welcome.
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