September 8th, 2005

Boy, people are pissed off today.

My friends list has a lot of angry posts today.

I woke up this morning with a fair bit of anger myself. bedfull_o_books got to hear me rant some of my usual rants. (She must love me to put up with that.)

The odd thing is, I didn't have much to be angry about immediately upon waking up. I just woke up with it. Don't know why.

From the reading of it, most of the angry folks on my friends list have much better reasons to be angry than I did this morning, which is to say that they have a reason, often pretty good.

(I suppose I could summon up some pique about "puzzled" not being a supported mood: option, but that's really reaching, when I'm not even particularly annoyed about the $50 parking ticket I just got issued and paid.)

Mostly I'm just scratching my head.
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