September 1st, 2005

Speechless with gratitude.

Someone responded to my request for help with setting up syndication for a friend's blog by giving me 12 months of paid account!

Thank you, whoever you are!

(It was an anonymous gift.)
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After lunch and excellent conversation with cmeckhardt, I decided I'd walk across the Salt Shaker (a.k.a. Longfellow) Bridge. As I was walking across, stopping occasionally to admire the longship details, the duck boat chugging alongside, and the clear sailed windsurfer tacking away, I remembered that one of my high school friends, R, used to walk to work downtown from her place in Somerville. So I tossed out my original plan of getting on the Red Line at Kendall and kept on walking.

Along the way I collected take-out menus from restaurants that looked interesting. It occurs to me that I should compile a list of restaurants which I hope to try, so I can keep track of them, since I collect them faster than I can actually visit them.

(It's a bit warm today, so I'm taking a break in the temporary location of the Cambridge library and keying all this in.)