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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


3rd August 2005

1:38pm: Been away from LJ for a bit.
If there's anything you'd particularly like me to see, email me. (If you don't have my email and you'd like it, comment.)

My LJ reading is going to be patchy for a while; I'm in Connecticut and my net access here is unreliable.
1:41pm: Somerville city ordinance prohibiting 24 hour food shops.
One of my friends told me a while ago that they had been told by a local politician that they would initiate repeal of this ordinance if we could find it. I can't remember who told me this; if you remember this particular conversation with me, please remind me, as one of my lawyer friends found it for me.
4:22pm: I was reminded of this by a post on my friends list about cooties.
(Long overdue post from a party at roozle and sunspiral's.)

muffyjo, offering me a taste of a Nutella pancake: You're welcome to a bite if you don't mind girl cooties.
me: In my world, girls have no cooties.
muffyjo: Hey, I really like that!
miss_chance, with a very odd expression: Oh! You said cooties!

(much laughter as we discuss what was heard, as opposed to what was said.)

Also, Nutella on pancakes is tasty. But I'm sure you already knew that.
Current Mood: devoid of girl cooties
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