July 14th, 2005

A long, relentlessly social, but undeniably fun day.

Up at 0730 with bedfull_o_books. Assorted house chores, then email. Exchanged some with cmeckhardt, JJ, IC, and bloodstones, scheduling most of the rest of the day.

Suggested to cmeckhardt that we get lunch, then look for the Russian groceries her Russian language teacher talked about. Had a craving for Iranian food sparked by reading the food chapter of the Lonely Planet Iran guide the night before. Went to Pita Kebab in Downtown Crossing and sat in a small park and had lunch, after which we wandered around Allston, Brighton, and Brookline looking for Russian grocery stores. Found two: Babushka Deli and Moscow International Food. Did not find others which I am sure exist. Bought lots of groceries.

Returned cmeckhardt to her place then rushed back to Davis to drop off my groceries before going to Central at 1730 to meet JJ and IC along with two of IC's cow-orkers so we could go get cannolis in the North End. Bought and ate a cannoli (from Modern Pastry Shop) and caught up with JJ. Hadn't talked to her in two years as she didn't know I'd been to NZ. Met more new people who met us along the way. Found a late night food option--open 24 hours--in the North End: Bova's Italian Bakery & Deli. Subs, calzones, pizza, baked goods.

Headed back to Theatre@First's dress rehearsal and delivered cannoli to bedfull_o_books then changed and got ready to go to Man Ray at 2230 with bloodstones, allium, and jojotbird. (Man Ray is apparently closing in a few weeks so it seemed useful to go before that happened.) Danced for a while, saw various people, said hello--to the extent one can with the ambient noise level--and then everyone decided to call it a night.

And now I'm writing it all up, only 18 hours later. Whew. Sleep soon.
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Looking to use a non-public machine to make a couple of financial transactions.

I'm wondering if any of my friends near Somerville, MA would be willing to let me use their computer for about ten minutes to examine my credit card bill, and if necessary, pay it.

bedfull_o_books's machine has a non-standard browser/OS combination which the banks don't like. I'm sure I could find a standard combination at the public library, but for some odd reason making financial transactions on a public machine makes me uneasy. :)

Anyway, if anyone local would be willing to let me use their machine for ten minutes or so today (Thursday), I'd be very thankful. (I'd do this by phone/paper, except the bill is likely in a mailbox in Connecticut which it is temporarily inconvenient to get to, and the due date approaches.)

Thanks much!

Thanks for all the offers!

My credit card issuers were being confusing. I called them and discovered that in fact I don't actually owe them any money, and that my balance is zero.

Thanks to you all! And--those of you who mentioned they'd like to see me--I'll be in touch about visiting to say hello, as opposed to using your computer. :)
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