June 25th, 2005

A quick trip to Queens.

M was off for a week between rotations in medical school, so I went down to visit him in Fresh Meadows. We had lunch at a local pizza place. It'd been a long time since I'd had New York style pizza. Conversation was too short. Nonetheless it was great to see him.

I decided that the day was warm enough that I wanted to get close to the water, so I drove down to Broad Channel and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, mostly to scout it out for bedfull_o_books, and to find out just how far it was from the nearest subway station (over a mile).

After that I considered driving down to Brighton Beach and Coney Island, but between my right contact lens attempting to eat my right eyeball, and the unusually badly jammed traffic on the Belt Parkway heading down towards Brooklyn--it's normally bad, but today it even the traffic reports were observing how bad it was; essentially stopped for most of the length of the Shore Parkway--I decided to head east instead, and continue my "how far apart are these stations" wanderings to Far Rockaway. Besides, I'd never been to Far Rockaway. The Far Rockaway subway station is about a half mile from the LIRR station through a neighborhood which doesn't look so great to walk in at night.

Having given traffic a couple of hours to settle down, and having pried the offending contact lens out of my eye after stopping off at the CVS in Howard Beach for a contact case and fluid, I thought I'd give the westbound Belt another try, but one look down at the traffic from the overpass convinced me that wasn't going anywhere.

On the Van Wyck, I realized I was so tired that even a stop for Chinese food in Flushing or Indian food in Jackson Heights didn't really appeal, so I drove straight back to Connecticut and went to sleep instead.
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