June 18th, 2005

Busy, busy day...and I discover that I dream in three languages.

Last night was the first time I remember speaking and understanding French in a dream. I was in a cafe, sitting with the proprietress. Just minutes earlier she had been berated me for peeling a boiled egg my parents had given me while I was (unwisely) squatting near one of her sidewalk tables, saying she'd have to charge me for using a table. Making the best of things I sat down and asked for a bottle of fizzy water, at which point her demeanor completely changed. She sat down, as did two other middle-aged women, and we started chatting. In French.

My French was as rusty in the dream as it is in real life, but it seemed to please them that I could speak it and understand it as well as I did.

So that makes three languages: I had a dream several years ago where I was arguing with my Mom in Mandarin. And, of course, I generally dream in English.

There's always some word or phrase in the language that sticks in my head after I awaken which lets me know that I'm not simply translating after the fact. Otherwise, I could simply dream I was speaking Albanian, Esperanto, or Xhosa, none of which I speak.

Two enormous parties this afternoon/evening, both with live bands, both with firespinning, both guaranteed to be jampacked with people. Fortunately, the one that starts later is close to home, because I anticipate I'll be up until 4 again tonight, as I was last night helping one of the parties do their extensive redecoration work. (Most of what I was doing was to be perky and keep the art staff amused when everyone was dragging, but I guess I was useful.)

From what I've seen so far, the art staff and lighting crew have done a fantastic job, and I'm looking forward to seeing the full effect tonight.

bedfull_o_books is just finishing our Hawaiian shirts, bless her heart. The later party has a Luau theme and we're all asked to come dressed accordingly. The earlier one is a pool party, so I figure I'll wear the shirt to that one, too.
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