June 14th, 2005

A stroll along the beach.

bedfull_o_books and I went for a couple of walks along the beach. I'd initially had grandiose ideas to drive to Maine, but between waking up late, and seeing that the forecasted high in Portland was actually a degree above that in Boston, we decided to set our sights a bit lower.

We ended up visiting Revere Beach and stopping for a snack at Kelly's Roast Beef, taking a walk at ankle depth for a while along the beach. Then we drove up to Nahant and toured the neighborhoods on Nahant and Little Nahant, looking at houses. Finally we wandered for a while along Nahant Beach.

There were quite a few people out, though it wasn't by any stretch of the imagination crowded. We saw a mix of ethnicities--not a surprise, on the Revere/Lynn bit of the coast--which was nice. (I'd remembered that thespian had posted about Loving Day, and that maybe I'd post about it next June 12th. We're sort of a poster couple for that, so that might be appropriate.)

As a beach, Nahant Beach is much nicer than Revere Beach. The smell of the roses in the hedgerow hangs in the air as you walk past them to the water. But we liked walking along them both.

We drove back from Nahant through a neighborhood in Lynn that was alternately Khmer and Hispanic. We passed a place that advertised Cuban sandwiches. It looked interesting, but neither of us were hungry. I also thought aloud that no one would go try them even if I wrote them up, because they were in Lynn. bedfull_o_books said tb and frotz likely would, and I agreed that was true.

We stopped by the fabric store to pick up patterns so we could make Hawaiian shirts for nafe's bash. I discovered that one of the major pattern makers has created patterns for costumes in the spirit of movies like The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings. All without attribution or direct reference, of course, since they certainly don't want to pay the corresponding fees.

Finally, we got home well after dark, fully intending to call cmeckhardt about visiting and admiring her new-old sewing machine, but we both fell over and didn't wake up until after midnight. Oops.
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And now I'm awake.

bedfull_o_books is taking a deserved rest, but I'm wide awake, and looking for food and conversation at what is, in greater Boston, a wildly inappropriate time for either.

As an experiment, I figured I'd see if anyone reading my LJ is both awake and interested in hanging out. I have a car, and I know how to use it. :)

(I will really be surprised if anyone answers, but I should be up for a bit.)
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