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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


8th May 2005

12:50am: And the bride wore...

Old site, but funny!
8:59pm: Shakespeare's first twenty sonnets reduced to haiku.

"I was looking for something or other on my hard drive last night, and came across my effort to reduce all of Shakespeare's sonnets to haiku. Why on earth would somebody do this? I couldn't tell you, and I did it. ;)"

(Thanks to marith for the pointer.)
Current Mood: amused
11:39pm: Strangely named. Fun to take. Wacky results.
Nightmare scales: Panic: 50%. Dread: 68%. Lampreys: 68%.

You are the SPHINX. No, not the mighty riddle-asking beast of mythology-- the mutant hairless breed of cat. All you want to do is cuddle-- with anything, really, because your hosed genome has left you prone to life-threatening chills even in heated rooms-- and so you're often found snuggling with light bulbs, elderly dogs who hurt too much to run away, appliances, and the like.

SEEK: ANYTHING WARM. Look, it's better than freezing your whisk-- WHOOPS! Too late! You were born without those, too. AVOID: snakes, iced drinks, the outside world.

The Vacuous Personality Inventory Test

(From bookly.)
11:56pm: novawolf just posted four Firefly personality quizzes...
...none of which I've filled out, but which I forward in case anyone on my list is interested in them:

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