April 22nd, 2005

Generic post

This hole-in-the-wall has been serving up jiaozi (dumplings) since early in the Qing Dynasty. I love jiaozi, so when the hotel staff told me they had the best in town, I had to stop by.

Lao Shandong
1451 Zhong Shan Nan Er Lu
Qingdao, Shandong
P. R. China
no phone, no email, no web page

Lao Shandong is a busy place, and the hole in the wall has clearly expanded a lot to take out a couple of non-load bearing walls, because it takes up most of the bottom floor of a concrete building. I imagine the place has changed buildings in its history, but it claims to have stayed in the same spot.

The jiaozi come with a variety of fillings including cabbage and pork; chive and pork; shrimp, pork, and chive; and so forth. All are cheap at 10-12 yuan ($1.21 to 1.45) per serving of a dozen or so. There's a large whiteboard on the wall with the available kinds of jiaozi, constantly updated. If you can't read Chinese, don't worry; they usually have cabbage and pork. Even if you just point, you won't go far wrong; jiaozi are a northern dish which means the fillings never get much more exotic than mutton and veg.

The atmosphere is raucous (renao), the way Chinese like their eating places: lots of noise, lots of activity. The decor really isn't up to much, but you're here for the dumplings, not the surroundings. The jiaozi are remarkably dainty, with thin skins and delicate spicing. Be warned, that while their wrappers may cool quickly the fillings really retain heat.

Beer and various kinds of carbonated soft drink are available, as is tea. Feel free to bring other drink if you want; no one will stop you.

Disclaimer: This was a generic post. If you go to Qingdao and look for this place, I will laugh at you.

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