March 16th, 2005

I had thought...

...that my own perfect storm of LJ posting came when I was both sleep-deprived and procrastinating, and that anytime that happened, I'd be punching out posts and comments like a menagerie of typing monkeys. It'd always been that way before: filters off, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

But maybe not. Right now I have the most persistent upper respiratory infection and an entire daycare center's worth of post-nasal drip.

What the addition of being sick to the equation seems to have done is to lock down all the filters. And gum up all the writing gears, because now I'm writing nothing.

I'm filled with self-doubt. Well, no, I'm not. The writer is filled with self-doubt. The rest of me is kinda going, "You're not going to post that?" I'm even second-guessing my comments.

Moving along, two questions one question:

  • Has anyone noticed non-delivery of some LJ comments recently? I wasn't getting some comments to recent postings emailed to me, but now I appear to be getting later comments, though the missing comments still haven't shown up. If no one else is having this problem I'll assume my email is wonky.

  • Has anyone else had trouble getting to wake up? All I'm trying to do is log off...

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