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Assembled in the USA from 100% Chinese parts.


15th March 2005

7:01pm: So much for the "I'm Stupid" defense.
Bernie Ebbers, formerly of Worldcom and the "I'm Stupid" defense, has been found guilty on all counts.
7:47pm: Okay, that was odd.
I just ran into my old therapist at the public library. She tapped me on the shoulder as I was sitting here.

In some ways it could have been very awkward. I sort of ran out on her after many months of sessions when I thought I was done by not scheduling a followup appointment. On the other hand, I think she probably realized where I was, too.

Anyway, we had a brief chat and--to the extent you can do such things in a public place--pretty much brought her up to date. After a short bit there wasn't much to say.

I sort of feel as if I want to write her a thank-you note, which I'd meant to do anyway, but now I sort of feel like I should have done it already.

Doesn't help that my mind was already kind of a fog because I'm still recovering from a cold.
Current Mood: head-scratching
8:10pm: And here, I join resonance42 and jmspencer. Cheers, guys.
not bad, considering how little I drinkCollapse )
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